A paper presented in partial fulfilment essay

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A paper presented in partial fulfilment essay

In carrying out its mission, the Clearinghouse attempts to remain eclectic, and thus presents information from various schools of philosophy in order to inform its audience of the diversity of thought in the mental health field.

The Abstracts of the Collected Works of C.

A paper presented in partial fulfilment essay

Jung, therefore, becomes a suitable companion for the earlier volume Abstracts of the Standard Edition of Freud. It should be stated that no abstract can replace a careful reading of the original document.

These abstracts serve as guides for the users to enable them to select those chapters or articles to be read in-depth. These abstracts were initially written under contract; however, it was necessary for the editors to rewrite many abstracts extensively.

As the abstracts were written they were immediately added to one of the Clearinghouse computer files and were searchable by computer since late However, due to the delayed publication by Princeton University Press of Volume 18 of the Collected Works, the Clearinghouse publication of its abstract volume was postponed.

The Clearinghouse neither endorsed nor assisted in any other version of the publication of the abstracts from its computer files.

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The abstracts are numbered sequentially. In the index this sequential number is followed by four digits. The first two zeros refer only to this abstract volume; the next two digits refer to the volume number of the Collected Works.

Abstracts are arranged sequentially by volume. Psychiatric Studies List of Contents On the psychology and pathology of so-called occult phenomena: A case of somnambulism in a girl with poor inheritance spiritualistic medium.

Development of the somnambulistic personalities. Discussion of the case. The change in character. Nature of the somnambulistic attacks. Origin of the unconscious personalities. Course of the disorder.

A paper presented in partial fulfilment essay

Princeton University Press, Certain conditions of psychopathic inferiority and altered states of consciousness, previously thought to be occult phenomena, are discussed to classify them and to resolve previous disagreement about them among scientific authorities.

These include narcolepsy, lethargy, ambulatory automatism, periodic amnesia, somnambulism, and pathological lying, which are sometimes attributed to epilepsy, hysteria, or neurasthenia and sometimes described as diseases in themselves.

The exceptional difficulty in defining these states is outlined and a case of somnambulism is presented to illustrate the problems of classification. A year-old unmarried female, an accountant and bookkeeper in a large firm, had been in a highly nervous state for some time and took a vacation.

While walking in a cemetery, she began to tear up flowers and scratch at the graves, remembering nothing of this later. The conclusion was that the patient suffered from a psychopathic inferiority with a tendency to hysteria.

In her state of nervous exhaustion, she had spells of epileptoid stupor.WAFFLES AND PANCAKES A Feasibility Study Presented to The Faculty of College of Industrial Technology University of Rizal System Morong, Rizal In Partial Fulfilment of.

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