Brand image questionnaire

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Brand image questionnaire

Apr 27, ; Accepted: Jun 3, ; Published: Jun 20, Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of brand image and advertisement on consumer buying behavior in the general public at Gujranwala city.

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Questionnaire survey was used Brand image questionnaire collect the data by using non probability convenient sampling technique. A sample of questionnaires was used in which responses were collected within the period of one month. Findings show that brand image and advertisement have strong positive influence and significant relationship with Consumer buying behavior.

People perceive the brand image with positive attitude. Study depicted that teenagers in Gujranwala are more conscious about their social status so they prefer branded products and advertisement affects their Consumer Buying Behavior positively.

In the last of article limitations of research, implications and suggestions for further research also included. Refine quality of products and social responsibilities of People in our society are so conscious about their any business can positively affect the behaviors of status and they prefer to use branded products to show people regarding brand image, satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand is considered as implied At present time in global and emerging markets device through which any business can attain the business war is not only on price but customer attraction, attraction of people and can enjoy the competitive edge. It can play a vital role to expand any business.

In can prove a strong weapon to fight with your competitors. Pakistan advertisement also becoming a driving force for Customers rely on branded products and mostly prefer to any business because it can force people to change their buy products with well known brand name.

Marketing behavior regarding your product in positive sense. Chinese people have negative behavior promotional strategy for the promotion of awareness for their own produced brands while in UK brand relating to any product. Consumer buying behavior can development is better than China.

People therefore the core purpose of this study is to explore the are now more conscious and involved in branded fashion impact of brand image and advertisement on Consumer clothing.

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Different factor have significant influence on Buying Behavior. We want to see that how people female buying behavior. Furthermore Prince [7] perceive any brand and how a brand image and summed up that brand name and product packaging advertising can influence the Consumer Buying Behavior affects individual buying behavior.

Packaging attributes of people and especially the buying behavior of teenagers of a product attract consumers.

Brand image questionnaire

Product experience, brand at Gujranwala. Section two will present a picture of awareness and buyer confidence have relatively few literature and hypotheses development. Dastoor et this study respectively. Section five comprises on al. Brand equity of low mental conflict products with respect to these dimensions has a Literature Reviews: According to Khasawneh and direct and positive effect on consumer buying intentions.

Hasouneh [1] Customers realize the importance of brand Mentioned by Dastoor et al.

Brand asset is multidimensional structure with and effect on brand awareness. People prefer the branded consumer point of view.

Brand assets with perceived products with higher prices because they consider that quality and price of dairy products have a positive and branded items have more quality then non branded direct relationship with consumer buying behavior. Brand preference is also a symbol of status.

Brand loyalty apply marketing tools for a brand or particular product or can be behavioral or attitudinal so we can say that brand series.Andreani: Brand Image, Customer Loyalty, and Customer Satisfaction in McDonald’s 65 Then according to Davies et al.

(), the strong brand image will make customer satisfied. Brand image has something to do with product appea-.

Brand image (or sometimes brand knowledge or brand description) The original questionnaire, containing over 50 items and alternative scales, was tested in a pilot study performed on answers from about 70 university students, and then reduced and modified .

Brand image was found to have positive effect on brand loyalty (Sung et al., Ming et al., ).

Brand image questionnaire

Brand The questionnaire was designed as a survey instrument including all constructs of the proposed model to investigate the hypotheses of interest. The questions in the questionnaire are based on a review of the.

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When you know the answers to these questions, you can shape your brand image to combat negative attributes and play up the positive ones.

Start gathering these details by asking questions about your brand category–and via asking people to assign characteristics to your brand. The Purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of brand image benefit on customer satisfaction and Loyalty intention directly and indirectly based upon hypothetical model in the current.

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