Change and continuity essay about kenya

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Change and continuity essay about kenya

Indian Ocean They are able to figure out the wind and monsoon patterns. Mediterranean sailors use square sails, long banks of oars, ships are nailed together. Indian Ocean sailors use triangular sails, no oars, and tied ships.

Africa provides exotic animals, wood, and ivory. Somalia and Southern Arabia provide frankincense and myrrh.

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Less valuable than Mediterranean Sea. Isolate ports that lack fresh water. In The rising prosperity of Asian, Euroopean, and African states stimulate the expansion of trae in the Indian Ocean. Luxuries for the wealthy-precious metals and jewls, rare spices, fine textiles, and other manufactures.

We will write a custom essay sample on Change and continuity or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Contstruction of larger ships makes shipments of buk cargoes of ordinary cotton textiles, pepper, food grans rice, wheat, barleytimber horses, and other goods profitable.

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Collapse of the mongol empire- disrupts overland trade routes across Central Asia, the Indian Ocean routes assumed greater strataegic importance in tying together the peoples of Eurasia and Africa.

They all have a hull construction. The hulls consist of planks that were sewn together, not nailed. Cord made of fiber from the husk of coconuts or other materials was passed through rows of holed drilled in the planks.

The second distinctive feature of the dhows was their trianglular lateen sails made of palm leaves or cotton. The sails were suspended from tall masts and could be turned to catch the wind. Junk is the largest and most technologically advancd and most seaworth vessel of this time.

Built from spruce or fir planks held toether by massive nails. Ibn Battuta, the largest junks have twelve sails made of bamboo and carried a crew of a thousand men. A large junk might have up to a hundred passenger cabins and could carry a cargo of over 1, tons.

Trade is decentralized and cooperative. Comercial interest, rather than political authorities, tied several distinct regional networks together. Indian Ocean Use predictable monsoon winds and dhows. Islam gives Indian Ocean trade a boost. They provide a demand for resources and tie the region together.

Operates independently of states. Ming dynasty does get involved. He is a Chinese Muslim with ancestral connection in the Persian Gulf.

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He becomes suspicious of the Muslim rulers intentions. His arrival in India leaves a bad impression on Calicut-the ruler of Calicut is not interested.

Trade in the Americas The reason that the Indian Ocean region prospered while the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires declined was because trade via the sea was a huge asset that none of these empires had Safavid had minor ports but not enough to compete with European and New World countries.

The innovation that was occurring between ship design, navigation, and cannons gave Europe a massive advantage. The Joint-stock exchange also causes these empires to fall behind in trade.

Although the majority of sea traders were European, the majority of non-European traders were Islamic. The main reason that the empires fell in standing of the world is because they were strongly land based and simply did not have the resources to convert so much time and resources to the development that would have been needed to compete in the Indian Ocean trade is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

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Change and Continuity Essay about Kenya Words | 4 Pages. During the time period , even though Britain imperializing, Kenya was, in turn, very beneficial for the inhabitants of Kenya. However, the direct rule of Britain put Kenya through a massive transition from being independent to being colonial dominant, in which the .

Essays; Change and continuity; Change and continuity. 8 August Indian Ocean; They are able to figure out the wind and monsoon patterns.

Change and continuity essay about kenya

Mediterranean sailors use square sails, long banks of oars, ships are nailed together. Indian Ocean sailors use triangular sails, no oars, and tied ships. Change and continuity. or any similar topic.

Kenya essay 1. Kenya is an amazing country with vast plains, an abundance of resources, and greatpeople. Kenya’s breathtaking views .

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