Copy and paste is bad

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Copy and paste is bad

Origins[ edit ] Copy and pasting is often done by inexperienced or student programmers, who find the act of writing code from scratch difficult or irritating and prefer to search for a pre-written solution or partial solution they can use as a basis for their own problem solving. As such, the problem arises more from their inexperience and lack of courage in programming than from the act of copying and pasting, per se.

The result risks being a disjointed clash of styles, and may have superfluous code that tackles problems for which new solutions are no longer required.

Copy and paste is bad

A further problem is that bugs can easily be introduced by assumptions and design choices made in the separate sources that no longer apply when placed in a new environment. Such code may also, in effect, be unintentionally obfuscatedas the names of variables, classes, functions and the like are typically left unchanged, even though their purpose may be completely different in the new context.

Repetitive code being refactored by using an abstraction mechanism such as function. Applying library code[ edit ] Copy and pasting is also done by experienced programmers, who often have their own libraries of well tested, ready-to-use code snippets and generic algorithms that are easily adapted to specific tasks.

In this case, if changes are needed, time is wasted hunting for all the duplicate locations. Also, because code maintenance often omits updating the comments, [3] comments describing where to find remote pieces of code are notorious for going out-of-date.

Adherents of object oriented methodologies further object to the "code library" use of copy and paste. Instead of making multiple mutated copies of a generic algorithm, an object oriented approach would abstract the algorithm into a reusable encapsulated class.

The class is written flexibly, with full support of inheritance and overloadingso that all calling code can be interfaced to use this generic code directly, rather than mutating the original.

This way, if the original algorithm has a bug to fix or can be improved, all software using it stands to benefit. Branching code[ edit ] Branching code is a normal part of large-team software development, allowing parallel development on both branches and hence, shorter development cycles.

Classical branching has the following qualities: Is managed by a version control system that supports branching Branches are re-merged once parallel development is completed. Copy and paste is a less formal alternative to classical branching, often used when it is foreseen that the branches will diverge more and more over time, as when a new product is being spun off from an existing product.

As a way of spinning-off a new product, copy-and-paste programming has some advantages.

Copy & Paste: The Most Common Excel Action

Because the new development initiative does not touch the code of the existing product: There is no need to regression test the existing product, saving on QA time associated with the new product launch, and reducing time to market. There is no risk of introduced bugs in the existing product, which might upset the installed user base.

If the new product does not diverge as much as anticipated from the existing product, two code bases might need to be supported at twice the cost where one would have done. This can lead to expensive refactoring and manual merging down the line.

The duplicate code base doubles the time required to implement changes which may be desired across both products; this increases time-to-market for such changes, and may in fact wipe out any time gains achieved by branching the code in the first place.

Similar to above, the alternative to a copy-and-paste approach would be a modularized approach: Start by factoring out code to be shared by both products into libraries.

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Use those libraries rather than a second copy of the code base as the foundation for development of the new product.How to bypass swear on roblox.

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The copy and paste approach often leads to large methods (a bad code smell). Each instance creates a code duplicate, with all the problems discussed in prior sections, but with a much greater scope.

Scores of duplications are common; hundreds are possible. John Egbert is one of the main characters in Homestuck. He is a boy who, according to this page, has not been given a name until his thirteenth birthday; however, this is just a framing mechanism.

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In the past, he has ended letters with -ghostyTrickster (john). While originally given the name. Typing out long Web addresses into your browser from email or Microsoft Word documents can be a drag. You can save time using a copy and paste technique. Even when you have the "Clipboard" option enabled, you may still have problems!

If that's the case, use Task Manager to kill and restart the process on local and remote machines..

Copy and paste is bad

More details on this blog post . The only way I really knew to fix the clipboard transfer was to .

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