Disney college program reviews

I recently discovered that I have the list still saved to my computer, so I now can point you to exactly what I used to help prepare myself!

Disney college program reviews

I did Spring but extended the the summer so technically Spring Advantage How long month arrive to month end were you there? January - August How did you get there? I drove - I lived in North Carolina at the time and it was a 10 hour drive.

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I went all by myself which wasn't an issue. Move in day was actually really easy and my roommates parents were there and offered to help me out. Select one reason why you chose to do the DCP: I had always known about it and thought it would be a great opportunity.

I had only heard good things from Alum. What other time in my life was I going to get an opportunity to work at the happiest place on earth with a bunch of other kids my age? What was your role? What were your daily tasks? How many hours a day did you work? What was your daily work-related stress level?

I spent my last 3 months at Hollywood Studios at Tower of Terror which is my favorite attraction! I worked on average hours a week. My hours were really consistent at DHS - lots of six hours shifts and I was never scheduled in the morning - always closing shifts which I loved.

I personally was never stressed - I absolutely loved both of my jobs! I got to make magic every single day and interact with so many people from all over the world.

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Would you choose a different role now? Attractions all the way. Best role in my opinion. How difficult is it to get organized, trained, and work? Regarding the instruction and learning process: It wasn't difficult at all.

Just pay attention and you will be fine. Training on average is about 6 days i'd say including assessment Was your pay: Do you think that was fair? I was paid the lower wage I think 7.

Of course I would have loved for it to have been more but I never complained. I loved my jobs so I had no issues going to work - pay was just a bonus in my mind. Even with the low wages I still had enough money for food, gas, and lots of play. Never really struggled for cash. Working 5 days a week you really just need the money for food and then the extra you have left over you can save or spend on days off.

What housing did you stay in? Did you like the amount of people there, and the apartment itself? I stayed in Patterson in a three bedroom.

My roommates and I wanted Chatham but they did not have a three bedroom left by the time we got to the housing part of check-in.

I thought three bedroom was the perfect size and I already had picked out my roommates on facebook so we were good to go at check-in. The apartment itself is really nice and typical size. I really liked it. Everyone hates those rules though and they are not changing. And when it came to inspections we only had 1 official inspection in about 7 months.

Our second one was about 2 weeks before we left the program. After that experience, what housing would you prefer now?

Pro or Con on the bus system?The college program is basically a learnning and working experience, and usually those who do have college degrees get better paying jobs, but they really have to start at the bottom of the food chain.

I'm Nicole! I'm 22 years old, and I recently participated in the Disney College Program as an Attractions/Full Service F&B Cast Member. I now work seasonally at 'Ohana, and this blog documents my incredible experience as a Cast Member.

Disney college program reviews

Apr 21,  · Hello again! There has been a lot of talk about whether or not to take classes while on the Disney College Program. During my first program I was lucky enough to take Exploring Leadership (see my thoughts here) and Exploring Disney Heritage.

I also plan on taking a seminar during the Fall program. I did the Disney College Program in from January to July in and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

Disney college program reviews

It gave me a chance to live on my own in my favorite place to be. Absolutely do the program if you want to! Be prepared, it is extremely tedious and a lot of work in tough conditions, but it’s also a lot of fun and great memories, plus it looks wonderful on a resume.

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