Effects on thirdyear highschool students

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Effects on thirdyear highschool students

The President's report to the Board of Regents for the academic year Financial statement for the fiscal year. Issued semiweekly by the University of Michigan. Report of the Dean of Students The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Rackham School of Graduate Studies Changes in the Staff, Publications of the University of Michigan, I present, herewith, my annual report as President of the University of Michigan for Included in the report will be found accounts of the activities of the several subdivisions of the institution, which together should give a satisfactory summary of the operation and condition of the University for the fiscal year just closed.

Conditions in Europe, and in fact over the most of the world, became increasingly unsettled, and even the most optimistic found difficulty in assuring themselves that the institutions in the United States could hope for long to pursue the even tenor of their ways.

It was perhaps the unrest, the doubts, the fear that our institutions were threatened, and the feeling that state schools might soon be called upon to rise to an emergency, which led the state universities to undertake a survey of their common place in the educational scheme.

Your President Effects on thirdyear highschool students given the responsibility of preparing a brief on this subject for the annual meeting of the National Association of State Universities in the fall of Since this statement may be considered as fairly representative of the views of those who are guiding the course of the University of Michigan, it is published here in full.

It does not purport to present an exhaustive list of objectives nor to be a discussion of the philosophy of state-supported higher education. The analysis is rather concerned with the relationships of state universities to each other, to privately endowed schools, and to the public.

The environment of these institutions is a changing one, and the schools, to be effective, must evolve with the society they are designed to serve. There is, therefore, need for a continuing appraisal of all universities.

In setting for itself the task of defining or redefining the aims of the state universities, the National Association of State Universities presumably recognizes that there has been a regrettable lack of co-operation and collaboration in this field of education. There is much to justify such a conclusion.

While representatives of these schools have conferred frequently on such operative details as fee schedules, admission requirements, and sequence of courses, they have really behaved as if their institutions were competitors. Furthermore, they have rather consistently ignored the importance of frequent stocktaking of results and reviews of objectives.

It is earnestly to be hoped that in the near future these institutions will arrange for a running inventory which will provide for themselves and the public at all times a clear statement of their place and service as leaders in the democratic way of life.

It is not rash to predict that, under some national or international crisis, if their houses are not kept in order, they will be taken over and regimented by other agencies. The state university should be recognized as a mere variety of the species university, and no attempt should be made to differentiate the state schools sharply from those receiving support from private sources.

Effects on thirdyear highschool students

Although attempts have been made to discover differences between state-supported and privately endowed universities, the distinguishing characteristics have been, for the most part, exaggerated, assumed, or invalid.

The commonly accepted distinction has been, of course, the basis of support, but little study is sufficient to demonstrate that this is not a sharply diagnostic character, since most state institutions receive private benefactions, and many, and an increasing number, of the so-called private schools have some form of assistance from units of government-state or federal, or both.

It has frequently been claimed that the state university is and must remain subject to political control, whereas the private institution is free to operate according to the ideas of its staff members. Obviously, this is an exaggerated statement of conditions as they exist.

Politicians have on occasion, it must be admitted, interfered with state universities to their detriment, but the machinations of these gentlemen have not been as general as has sometimes been assumed. As a group these institutions have enjoyed a large measure of freedom.

Furthermore, evidence is not wanting that, though generally more subtle, the influence of powerful trustees and patrons has been an important factor in the operation of private schools and in the formulation of their policies, and that this has not always protected academic freedom or otherwise been to the best interests of higher education.

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Effects on thirdyear highschool students

In any case, what are higher education students doing when they are studying? They are learning (it's a bit pointless to study a subject if you learn nothing about it).Applying lotions and creams right soon after bathing locks moisture in to the skin.

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