Fashion business plan in nigeria queens

Running a fashion business is challenging and time-consuming, but the results can fulfill your dreams — if you are committed to sticking to your plan. A business plans for opening your own fashion studio must include an executive summary, company vision, market and competitive analysis, and the ways your company will position itself to take advantage of your targeted market. The Executive Summary The executive summary of your fashion business plan is the equivalent of an elevator pitch that boils everything down to two paragraphs. It should include the name of your fashion business, the area where you want to operate, the type of clothes and accessories you plan to create, and your target market.

Fashion business plan in nigeria queens

Decide The Kind Of Boutique You Want To Open

Victoria Island Tinubu Square Lagos Island, The Island is a loose geographical term that is used to define the area of Lagos that is separated from the "mainland" by the main channel draining the lagoon into the Atlantic Ocean, which forms Lagos Harbour. The Island is mainly a collection of islands that are separated from each other by creeks of varying sizes and are connected together by bridges.

The smaller sections of some creeks have been dredged and built over.

Evaluate The Competition Do you want to give a loan to someone?
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How to Start a Fashion Design Business in Nigeria | Starloaded Canadian Embassies in Nigeria 7. It prides itself in being not only a school but also good workshop.

This part of Lagos is the area where most business activities and entertainment events in Lagos takes place. It also houses most of the upscale residential areas in Lagos. Three major bridges join the island to the mainland.

fashion business plan in nigeria queens

It borders around the idumota and Balogun markets and houses major Banking institutions. Ikoyi Ikoyi is situated on the eastern half of Lagos Island and joined to it by a land fill. The complex today is on reestablishment.

In Ikoyi there are military and police barracks, a top-security prison and a federal high court of Nigeria. Originally a middle class neighbourhood, in recent years, it has become a fashionable residential enclave for the upper middle class to the upper class. There are also commercial activities in Ikoyi, which is spotted in increasing number of offices, banks, and shopping complexes.

The commercial section is concentrated in the South-West. Along with Ikoyi, Victoria Island occupies a major area in Lagos that boasts of several sizeable shopping districts.

On its sea shore along the Atlantic front, there is environmentally reconstructed Bar Beach. Iddo[ edit ] Across the main channel of the lagoon from Lagos Island, there is a smaller settlement called Iddo.

Iddo is also a railroad terminus and it is now situated in the Lagos Mainland local government area after it was connected to the mainland like a peninsula.

The mainland is known for its music and nightlife, which used to be located in areas around Yaba and Surulere.

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However, in recent years more night clubs have sprung up on the Island, making the Island particularly Victoria Island and Lekki Phase 1 the main nightlife attractions. Metropolitan Lagos suburban LGAs include: Some rivers, like Badagry Creek, flow parallel to the coast for some distance before exiting through the sand bars to the sea.

Architecture of Lagos Lagos skyline Lagos has the tallest skyline in Nigeria.Find the latest fashion trends, fashion news and pictures, fashion ideas and style tips, African fashion style from The Page Magazine. A good way to do this is to take some fashion merchandising and/or business classes, read books about starting a clothing business or work in a store similar to one you'd like to open.

You know your style, it's what inspired your business in the first place, now it's time to name it. Starting a fashion boutique business in Nigeria is a lucrative business that attracts a lot of customers.

How to Start a Business in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Although, there are a lot of quality/best fashion boutiques in Nigeria, venturing into such clothing business is profitable as long as you satisfy your customers by selling high quality clothes, keep up with the latest fashion trends in the fashion industry and maintain a good relationship with your buyers.

Later on, a preliminary business plan is created accordingly using the Hoffren Business Idea Model, with emphasis on the market need, image, product, target group, mode of operations and resources. DeClassique Fashion, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Her mission is to change the fashion business narrative in Nigeria. Wonuola graduated with a BEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham and an MSC in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Boutique Business Ideas in Nigeria: Start up and marketing