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This is a great lifetime when young people enjoy a certain freedom and make their first steps in their independent and adult life. Nonetheless, academic responsibilities are inevitable.

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June 23, at You want your writing to be more prolific and accurate, it's one of the best platforms available to help you in that.

Years of extensive personal use indicate that Hemingway Editor is effective in conditioning the brain when it comes to problematic adverbs and phrases. Writing becomes easier and automatic.

What a gift to writers! July 24, at I do recommend that writers try Hemingway, to see what they can learn about their writing.

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I found that it's a wonderful teaching tool. Hemingway hasn't been around all that long, but writing feedback has. July 7, at 1: I tried to use it for my writing class but I was reprimanded because I was supposed to write in college level.

Many of my words were dumb down. It's actually a good app when I'm writing for my story. Keep in mind that good writing is clear writing. And if you can find a simpler way to say something, that's better for the reader. So, who's your reader? When writing for an academic environment, the key is to know your reader.

Is it a prof? Students in your discipline? Then go ahead and use the terminology of your discipline because your readers will understand that.

In fact, your prof may be assessing your ability to use the vocabulary of your discipline. Depending on your audience, it doesn't always make sense to use the vocabulary that Hemingway suggests. As with any writing tool, it's important to use your judgement.

For academic writing, Hemingway shines at helping you break up long sentences and reduce the use of unnecessary words and passive voice, so your writing is clear and easy to understand. Any prof should appreciate that. January 5, at I decided to check online to see what others thought of the tool.

This is how I happened upon your article. Thank you for the detail.

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One extra bit of information that I ran across that I thought I would share is the program Ginger. It is similar to Grammarly, but in my opinion superior because it's free version can run on Word so you can make changes right on your document.20 Weird Websites You Need To Check Out If You Have Nothing Better To Do.

There you go. If this list wasn't enough, we have a website that'll do the job for you. vetconnexx.com Cheat code! Duolingo is the world's most popular way to learn a language. It's % free, fun and science-based. Practice online on vetconnexx.com or on the apps!

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