Hooking up a natural gas dryer

Submit completed documents to PECO I need a natural gas service line Sign contract and return with payment, if required I have a natural gas service line Mark your private utilities such as septic system, sprinkler system, oil tank, landscape lighting system and invisible fence.

Hooking up a natural gas dryer

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Can I install a new gas dryer by myself? July 29, 6: The plumber who installed the gas line hooked up my dryer. Now the washer has died and I have ordered a new laundry set - a front loading washer and separate gas dryer that will stack.

They are due to be delivered next week. The delivery people from Lowe's will not detach the old dryer from the gas line or attach the new dryer to it. Lowe's recommends that I hire a plumber, but I think that's overkill. Besides, I don't want to pay a plumber to stand around and wait for the delivery.

I also don't want to pay a plumber to make two separate trips - one to uninstall and another to install. I have good mechanical skills and I'm pretty handy around the house. As a single woman homeowner, I have to be. I can easily install a light fixture or electrical outlet, for example, and when I was younger I repaired Selectric typewriters and built and repaired computers.

I have these pliers and these pliers and other tools. I have regular teflon tape and I can buy the special gas tape if necessary.


I know how to check for leaks with soapy water and I have a good sense of smell just in case. Is this something I can do myself? The "ounce of prevention" strategy is very stark when it comes to fiery explosions. Educate yourself, use soapy water to verify that you've made the connections secure, it's not a big deal.

I've moved my dryer, replaced my hot water heater, temporarily removed my stove for a remodel Two of my children are volunteer firefighters.

I know if you install it and call the local firehouse and explain the situation and ask if they could come by and check it, they will. If you smell gas or run into any trouble, do not hesitate to call from outside the house.

I had installed it properly and 3 years later we're still alive.

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I watched a few YouTube videos and learned how to do it no problem, just make sure you know where your gas cut off is and follow the safety procedures laid out in the videos use soapy water to test for bubbles, no sparks etc.

Shut off gas at shutoff valve nearest dryer. Pull out dryer so gas line fitting is accessible.

Hooking up a natural gas dryer

The gas line will be a corrugated metal hose or copper tubing. Remove fitting at dryer. There may be a slight gas smell from residual gas in the tubing. If you hear a sustained hissing or a strong gas smell, try to shut off or call from outside. Partially install new dryer. Attach gas line fitting to new dryer.

Make a solution of dish washing liquid and water. Turn on gas at gas valve Handle parallel to gas line. Again, hissing or gas smell, shut off gas or call Push in dryer to final position. If anything seems wrong, call or the gas company or a plumber. I don't want to scare you.

This is perfectly do-able, but you may want to weigh the cost of a couple of plumber visits against the possibility of your house exploding or of asphyxiation.

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You might call your gas company to see if they have a hookup service. I disconnected my dryer's gas connection to pull it out and clean the vents, and replace a thermal sensor that had overheated.Our expert advice on everything from energy-wise machines and thrifty flooring options to the best labor-saving layout and how to safeguard the house from a potential flood or fire.

Sell the gas dryer and use whatever proceeds it makes towards the purchase of a new electric dryer.. If there is gas anywhere in the house, contact a licensed plummer and get an estimate to run a. Addition of gas piping and the installation.

of gas appliance or heating unit where no Plumbing. electrical* or mechanical work is involved. Addition of gas piping and the installation.

of gas heating unit where mechanical and /or Mechanical. electrical is involved. 18 Volt Dewalt Battery Rebuild Kit Recycle Batteries Oakland Used Racing Batteries For Sale 16 V Golf Car Battery Core Charge Going Off The Grid Your Own Energy System.

Page Step 3: (gas Dryer Only) Connect Gas Supply Pipe 4 inch ( cm) diameter VERTICAL duct system. This will prevent a backdraft when dryer is not in use, and will keep the exhaust air in balance within the central exhaust system. Sure, they would hook up appliances, but it was a service call that would run you about the same as a plumber, and an all day appointment at that.

Hooking up a natural gas dryer

We'd recommend you call a plumber, or the installation service of the place where you purchased the appliance.

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