How to write an abstract class in java

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How to write an abstract class in java

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Next Page As per dictionary, abstraction is the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events. For example, when you consider the case of e-mail, complex details such as what happens as soon as you send an e-mail, the protocol your e-mail server uses are hidden from the user.

Therefore, to send an e-mail you just need to type the content, mention the address of the receiver, and click send. Likewise in Object-oriented programming, abstraction is a process of hiding the implementation details from the user, only the functionality will be provided to the user.

An Abstract Class Example

In other words, the user will have the information on what the object does instead of how it does it. In Java, abstraction is achieved using Abstract classes and interfaces. Abstract Class A class which contains the abstract keyword in its declaration is known as abstract class. Abstract classes may or may not contain abstract methods, i.

If a class is declared abstract, it cannot be instantiated. To use an abstract class, you have to inherit it from another class, provide implementations to the abstract methods in it.

If you inherit an abstract class, you have to provide implementations to all the abstract methods in it. Example This section provides you an example of the abstract class. To create an abstract class, just use the abstract keyword before the class keyword, in the class declaration.

how to write an abstract class in java

The class is now abstract, but it still has three fields, seven methods, and one constructor. You have to place the abstract keyword before the method name in the method declaration. An abstract method contains a method signature, but no method body.

Instead of curly braces, an abstract method will have a semoi colon ; at the end. Following is an example of the abstract method. Any class inheriting the current class must either override the abstract method or declare itself as abstract.A class that is declared using the abstract keyword is known as abstract vetconnexx.comction is a process of hiding the data implementation details, and showing only functionality to the user.

Abstract Class in Java: It is like a template, so you have to extend it and build on it before you can use it. We will discuss it with the help of examples. A Java interface is more like an abstract class than a regular class. An interface can only contain method signatures and static final fields.

An interface is merely a contract between the. Abstract class in Java is similar to interface except that it can contain default method implementation. An abstract class can have an abstract method without body and it . Abstract Classes in Java In C++, if a class has at least one pure virtual function, then the class becomes abstract.

Unlike C++, in Java, a separate keyword abstract is used to make a class abstract. A class which is declared with the abstract keyword is known as an abstract class in Java. It can have abstract and non-abstract methods (method with the body).

Before learning the Java abstract class, let's understand the abstraction in Java first.

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