Mock research papers

The second research study is a mock research study. All of us are bombarded with all kinds of surveys, especially while viewing anything on the internet. However, since the paper was written for Teacher Education Research, I have focused on issues that specifically apply to Higher Education.

Mock research papers

Each individual is different when it comes to writing the first draft, so you should write the way you feel the most comfortable. Some people prefer to make an outline with numbers and roman numerals, some prefer a neat and organized concept map, and others just wing it and start typing.

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Whatever works best for you is what you should go with. Even though your sources are fake the works cited page adds to the effect of the mock research paper. If you want to make your readers think "Holy cow! This moral will be a very subtle inclusion of a larger meaning or theme.

Mock research papers

It connects the mock, outrageous, reasoning to something beyond druggie dogs and truant three-year-olds. Make the connection between denying pets their drugs and denying them their food. Why should all three-year-olds be punished with a rule about the maximum number of sick days if nobody else is punished for it?

Again, be sure that if you choose to include a deeper meaning you make it subtle.

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You want the reader to realize that it's there but they still have to think about it a little. After they get it they'll re-read your paper and then pick up on all the hints you dropped throughout, thus labeling you as a GENIUS! If you don't want to include a deeper meaning or feel that the term "genius" is overrated anyway you don't have to write one in; it's not required.Apr 19,  · "Mock Epic Topics" Essays and Research Papers Mock Epic Topics “THE RAPE OF THE LOCK” MOCK - EPIC POEM: The epic is a narrative poem of supposed divine inspiration treating of a subject of great and momentous importance for mankind, the characters of the story are partly human and partly divine, and the language and style in which the incidents are related are full of elevation .

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