National world war ii museum online essay contest

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National world war ii museum online essay contest

Campaigns for Progressivism and Peace, —, America's Response to War and Revolution, KnockTo End All Wars: It is militarism run stark mad.

Edward House, President Woodrow Wilson 's closest adviser, did not exaggerate when he wrote these words. The Europe he described in the spring of was divided into two armed camps: An unprecedented arms race was underway that coincided with revolutionary advances in the technology of warfare.

Relying on an expanding network of railways, the general staffs of the major European powers devised elaborate mobilization and offensive schemes. The smallest details were covered, including the preparation of exact railway timetables and even the registration of farmers' horses for possible use.

Universal conscription fostered militarism. Approximately 4 million men were in uniform when the war started in August ; that number had risen to a staggering 20 million by the end of the month.

Clausewitz's ideas on war may also have influenced society. Vienna's determination to go to war triggered a general conflict. The illusion that modern industrialized wars would be short made this decision easier.

The Vietnam War

Few believed the Polish banker and economist, Ivan S. Is War Now Impossible? An ominous portent was that the French, Germans, and British had suffered over half a million casualties in three weeks of fighting.

Meanwhile, the Russian offensive in East Prussia was checked and thrown back, with an entire Russian army destroyed at Tannenberg 26—30 August. Following the opening battles, the armies in the west dug in.

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An almost continuous line of parallel defensive systems was constructed from the North Sea to Switzerland. Protected by barbed wireusually 50 or more feet deep, these earthworks were frequently built in depth.

The front resembled a spiderweb, consisting of thousands of miles of connecting and parallel trenches.


Trench warfare also existed to some extent of other fronts—in some areas of Russia, Italy, the Balkans, and Palestine—though nowhere did it become as prominent as in France and Flanders. Europe's military leaders sought to return to a war of maneuver by rupturing the enemy's front.

To restore the offensive, new weapons such as tanks and chemical warfare were eventually introduced. The application of massive and increasingly sophisticated artillery fire proved to be the most effective means of reducing fortifications.

But the western defenses, bolstered by dramatic advances in firepower, were so strong and thickly defended that it was possible to break into them but not through them prior to When breakthroughs were successful, there remained limitations to the advance.

Nor could the heavy guns be moved forward rapidly to support a continued advance of the infantry. The s view, which lingers still among many, is that the generals of the western front were inept and their approaches to winning the war futile.

But recent studies of the evolution of tactics by Paddy Griffith and Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson have demonstrated that the western front during the last half of the war was not tactically stagnant.

The vastness of that front, and the clear superiority of German artillery and leadership, made possible an advance of some miles. Although Italy joined the Allies inby the end of the year, Berlin dominated Central and southeastern Europe, had a bridge to Asia and Africa through its Turkish ally, and retained Belgium and the most industrial part of France.

Serbia had been defeated and Bulgaria enlisted as an ally. The central powers, with a more unified command because of Germany's dominant position, interior lines, and a good system of railways, held a formidable position despite their inferiority in warships, manpower, and industrial capacity.

When winter brought the fighting to a close, the western front had little changed: Verdun remained in French hands, and the Allies had captured no position of strategical importance on the Somme.

Despite the carnage, the warring coalitions faced a bleak future of continued stalemate and exhaustion. Compared to the great powers of Europe, the United States was a profoundly peaceful and unmilitaristic nation. Prior to America's entry into the war in AprilWilson's secretary of the navy, Josephus Daniels, was decidedly antiwar if not pacifistic, and Newton Baker, secretary of war sincewas an ardent antimilitarist.Locations may be Closed for holidays, work-days & other special events.

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Writing good essay topics examples. The Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom. Located on the upper level of the National Archives museum, is the permanent home of the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and Bill of Rights.. Designed by architect John Russell Pope as a shrine to American democracy, the ornate Rotunda with its soaring domed ceiling also features two murals by Barry Faulkner.

National D-Day Museum Online Essay Contest.

national world war ii museum online essay contest

Purpose: To increase awareness of World War II by giving students the opportunity to compete in an essay contest. An essay on my house war essay on books xmas tree?

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Among her group exhibitions are the National Museum of Art in Beijng, China, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as inclusion in an Art Exhibition by one hundred Chinese women artists in Hong Kong.

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