Ocr transport practical coursework

Evaluative task [20 marks] Tasks will be chosen from a selection provided by OCR.

Curriculum enhancement STEM Club As well as actively engaging our students with practical activities during the lessons, we also run a STEM Club where students have the chance to take part in different scientific investigations. It is designed to have scientific experimentation at the forefront.

Bill Text - SB Maintenance of the codes.

Typically, students will carry out a series of planned investigations and communicate their findings to each other in a safe and stimulating environment. Our students are also provided with opportunities to enter nationwide competitions to exercise their abilities in Scientific research.

STEM Club students also have access to the pond area and the allotments as part of their activities program. Dates of the drop-in sessions will be posted on notice boards throughout the Science department.

Year 11 revision sessions Science revision sessions for year 11 are run on a two-week timetable in accordance with school policy. During these times, students will consolidate their learning from lessons.

Ocr transport practical coursework

Heavy weighting will be placed on practising exam technique and use of science terminology. Competitions Competitions will be held fortnightly across the department and between classes.

Every two weeks, a question or a task will be released and students enter the competition to win prizes. All students from all Key Stages are invited to take part.

Health and Safety — Summary Guidelines All teachers, technicians and support staff Teachers and technicians have a general duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves, of other members of staff and of students.

Ocr transport practical coursework

They have specific duties: They have a duty to report to local management any failure of equipment that has a health and safety function.

Staff practice must set a good example to students and be consistent with student laboratory rules, e. Laboratories must be left safe. Special arrangements must be made for equipment which has to be left running overnight and hazardous equipment which has to be left out.

In general, all gas taps should be completely turned off and all mains operated apparatus switched off. At the end of the day, if practicable, gas should also be turned off at the laboratory main gas cock and electricity at the laboratory main switch. Eating, drinking and the application of cosmetics should not take place in laboratories, storage areas or preparation rooms unless an area in which it is safe to do so has been created.

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Students should not be allowed to drink from water bottles. When staff are alone in the Science department, nothing should be done which could lead to an accident requiring remedial measures.

A teacher or technician must assess risks very carefully before conducting any practical operation in such circumstances.This bill would make nonsubstantive changes in various provisions of law to effectuate the recommendations made by the Legislative Counsel to the Legislature.

Practical Endorsement for Biology (non-exam assessment) The coursework component of the course is reported separately to the A Level grade as either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

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A level biology resources past paper questions coursework help WELCOME: This site is mainly for AQA(B) AS & A2 (A level) Biology, content is reached from the module links below. There are extensive notes, summaries and past paper questions.

The Coleshill School (an Business and Enterprise Academy). is a community secondary school with a rich history (dating back to ) and a modern and innovative curriculum and outlook. Blessed Ltd,based in Mitcham, is an approved examination centre for OCR and Edexcel exam boards. Practical Endorsement for Biology (non-exam assessment) The coursework component of the course is reported separately to the A Level grade as either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

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Circus of activities with differentiated worksheets about transpiration in plants. Specifically for OCR GCSE B4. Other required equipment. Some celery in dye, white tiles and scalpel/knife 2/3 microscopes with slides of root/stem x section 2/3 T 5/5(11).

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