Over the years nursing has evolved history essay

I'm a new nursing student, just starting clinicals. I am learning more about the different aspects of nursing and patient care in today's healthcare system but would like to know how it has evolved.

Over the years nursing has evolved history essay

Modified on September 13, by Max Wilbert Nursing is one of the most rapidly evolving professions in the medical field. Over the past 50 years, the practice has evolved almost beyond recognition. Changes in healthcare have shifted the entire practice of medicine, and nursing is no exception.

Changes in Nursing Over the Last 50 Years Technology Changes in technology are a huge driver of changes in the nursing profession. Huge shifts in how patient records are maintained, how medications are tracked and ordered, and how care is passed from one provider to another are causing ripple impacts throughout the medical field.

Some older nurses are uncomfortable with new technology for various reasons, and this tendency is slowing down the adoption of these new methods. Of course, there are all the changes in equipment as well. Fifty years ago, syringes were reusable and made of glass that was sterilized with fire between uses.

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Nurses often used whetstones to sharpen syringes between uses. Modern medicine is a throwaway culture, based on disposable syringes, gloves, and items of all sorts.

More Independence and Training Fifty years ago, many nurses lived at the hospital they worked and received training at. In fact, I come from a three-generation line of nurses, and my grandmother lived in the nurse dormitories at Tacoma General hospital in Washington State for a time see some interesting historical pictures of that time here.

For decades, nurses were trained on-the-job, like in any other trade. Fifty years ago, nurses were expected to stand at attention when a doctor entered the room and to wear the traditional uniform of skirt, stockings, and cap. Nowadays, things have changed.

This changing role has also resulted from nurses being trained to a higher level of care than ever before.

Over the years nursing has evolved history essay

There is also more specialization in nursing than before, allowing students to follow paths in diabetes, pharmacology, and more. The Rise of Nurse Practitioners Nurse practitioners present a newer aspect of nursing.

In 32 states, nurse practitioners are still required to work with a physician, but this requirement is shifting.

Right now, the United States has an aging Baby Boomer population that is going to need a lot of healthcare resources. We also have a dwindling number of primary-care doctors as most are going into specialties where they can make more money.

Because of this, more and more nurse practitioners are providing primary care services. Many healthcare advocates believe that this trend should be encouraged to alleviate shortages in primary-care providers. The Structure of Medicine Over the past 20 years, there has been a broad movement towards conglomerations of hospitals and healthcare systems, and away from smaller clinics and healthcare facilities.

Nursing process - a historical essay

This makes sharing of records and coordination of care easier than ever before. But some believe this model is leading to increasing homogenization of healthcare, and loss of community-based health systems. Largely driven by profit-motives and increasing competition in the healthcare sector, this poses a challenge to the traditional role of nurses as caregivers, not simply technicians.

Standardization of care can eliminate human error, but it can also prevent individualized care plans that take into account the qualitative factors based on relationship and community that play a crucial role in health outcomes.

Join the millions of students, teachers, language learners, test-takers, and corporate trainees who are doubling their learning results.More men in Nursing 5 times the amount of male nurses since I became a RN 20 years ago 4. Nurses becoming more advanced in practice due to more state legislatures becoming more willing to advance the profession as a whole despite opposing political pressures 5.

Today, this culture has changed a lot; nursing is about education and health care knowledge, has diversified the gender norm, and nursing salaries are rising due, in part, to the nursing shortage caused by retiring baby boomers.

Some nursing culture hasn’t changed a ton comparatively. - Nursing is one of the oldest professions. It isn’t a static occupation, as it has changed frequently over time. Its development and evolution has changed differently depending on the historical influences. As of today the nursing profession is changing and becoming larger and greater.

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Changes in Nursing Since Christina M. Jensen, RN Over the past 9 years since I was a practicing nurse, many aspects of nursing has changed. How nursing has changed over the years.

Ask a Nurse Attorney - New Addition to allnurses How has the nursing profession changed since you first started your career?

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Thanks for you input. voices from the past, visions of the future: ana's centennial presentation for more info about the history of nursing and how we've developed as a. Nursing has evolved into a modern profession from its beginnings in early civilization.

Throughout nursing history, it has been shaped and molded by many nurses into its current form. Nursing in the past has taken many different roles in response to changing political climates, war and scientific advances.

Caring for the sick and ill has been a .

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