Should boys and girls study together

Something is awry in the way our culture handles the education needs of boys and girls. A smart year-old boy gets low grades in school, fidgets and drifts off in class, and doesn't do his homework. A girl in middle school only uses the computer to instant-message her friends; when it comes to mastering more essential computer skills, she defers to the boys in the class. Is contemporary education maliciously set against either males or females?

Should boys and girls study together

What's the Problem with School? Judging Our Boys "Too often, we disapprove of what's in boys' minds, both in school and at home. Boys' mothers and female teachers find some of their favorite thoughts, like 'good guys making the world safe by killing bad guys,' disturbing. Afraid that these thoughts indicate a worrisome propensity to violence, adults try to prohibit these thoughts and the toys that represent them, although boys see images all around them encouraging the fantasies and recommending the toys.

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Prohibited from the physical activity they need, criticized for the content of their minds, and required to do work they cannot do as well as the little girls around them, it is not surprising that some of these boys get off to a bad start, giving up before they have begun.

Author, Under Deadman's Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Children's Violent Play. While there has been great and valid concern about the achievements of girls in our educational system, most of the gains in American education over the last thirty years have been achieved by girls.

So what's happening to America's boys when they go to school? The average boy is less mature than the average girl when he starts school. By school age, the average boy is less mature socially, less verbal, and more active than most of the girls.

Schools, not boys, have changed.

Should boys and girls study together

Children are now taught to read in kindergarten when many young boys are not as skilled verbally as girls. Some first grade teachers actually preferred that children learn the alphabet in first grade, where they could learn to do it 'the right way'!

This is true not only in the United States, but also in each of the 30 countries involved in a recent international study. I feel that boys in the United States develop an idea early on that they are not good at the kind of literacy schools require.

And then a deficit or problem becomes an identity. By the time boys reach middle school, or even the upper elementary grades, they lack the fluency and sometimes practice to be successful. When they reach high school they develop coping strategies where they fake it," comments Thomas Newkirk, Ph.

Boys are more active than many girls and have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. Experts agree that physical play is essential for boys and girls, particularly young children in the motor stage of development. In fact, moving around helps them learn. But many schools have cut down on recess and outdoor play in order to make time for meeting state academic requirements.

Our demand for more and earlier skills, of exactly the type that boys are less able to master than girls, makes them feel like failures at an early age," says Jane Katch.

It's appropriate to expect for kids to sit still for part of the day, but not all of the day," adds Joseph Tobin.

Many schools don't offer enough hands-on learning opportunities. Boys may be disadvantaged when they don't get to learn through their bodies, by touching and moving. However, with the new academic push and focus on literacy we see that type of learning relegated to 'play areas,' and even these areas have been taken out of some kindergarten and even preschool classes.

So with the emphasis on reading, there is an imbalance — an over-focus on reading instead of manipulating actual things," explains Tobin. Most elementary school teachers are women. Therefore, there are few male models for learning as a masculine pursuit. Girls often feel that you can be a successful girl and woman by doing well in school," adds Thompson.

Many female teachers may unconsciously prefer girls' interests diaries and first-person narratives over boys' interests like comic books and science fiction. Since almost all teachers of young children are women, books they are most enthusiastic about are generally more feminine than masculine in taste.

It's not that boys aren't interested in a good story, but their non-narrative interests are not always supported and female teachers are often uncomfortable with the narrative themes boys find more interesting, like science fiction, robots, machines, etc.Boys and girls should be taught separately for large parts of the school day, a schools minister has said.

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Sarah McCarthy-Fry called on mixed schools to split the sexes for key subjects such as. As well as preferring different toys, boys and girls play differently, too. Boys often enjoy rough-and-tumble, while girls are quicker at learning to co-operate and .

Boys and girls should not be in separate classes because of the following reasons: The first reason of why boys and girls should not be in separate classes is that at home, boys and girls stay together, sit together, play together and perform their home duties together.

A second point is that having boys and girls in the same class should lead to better behavior. The boys will be more polite and less noisy, and the girls will learn to be less shy. In addition, having girls and boys sharing ideas will help to solve problems more quickly .

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Is it better for boys and girls to learn in an environment together or should boys and girls be placed in separate learning environments? This lesson defines and discusses co-ed schools.

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