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But there's a lot more to being a music booking agent than just that. For example, they also can negotiate contracts to bring the band other types of work, such as radio or television appearances, or appearances in commercials and finding sponsors for tours.

Songwriting agent

This is just one of the different music contracts that are included in our set. Our contracts range from simple single page contracts to the very detailed containing multiple pages.

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Company is an organization, which specializes in the management, recording, recording distribution and representation of musical artists; b.

Artist performs under the name " Artist's Stage Name "; d.

Deciding to hire a booking agent is a huge step. Find out when the timing is right, and what the biggest do's and don'ts of working with an agent are. Basically, a music publisher is the "real estate agent" for your song. Much like a realtor contracts with a homeowner to sell a house for a percentage of the sale price, so a music publisher contracts with a songwriter to exploit the earning potential of a song for a percentage of those earnings. "Secret Agent Man" is a song written by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. The most famous recording of the song was made by Johnny Rivers for the opening titles of the American broadcast of the British spy series Danger Man, which aired in the U.S. as Secret Agent from to The song itself peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot

Company and Artist wish to enter into this Agreement to provide for the production and distribution of the Recording. The Recording shall be produced in the following manner: Company agrees to produce one songwriting agent recording consisting of songwriting agent written and performed by Artist hereinafter referred to as the "Songs".

The resulting recording hereinafter referred to as the "Recording" shall include music of not less than forty 40 minutes in playing duration, and shall be of a quality which is equal to master recordings normally produced for commercial distribution. Artist agrees to full cooperate with the Company, in good faith, in the production of the Recording; to contribute to such production the music and lyrics embodied in the Songs; to arrange, direct and perform the Songs in such a manner as to facilitate the production of the Recording; and to otherwise strictly observe the remaining duties and obligations of this Agreement.

Company shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the production of the Recording, including the prepayment of all travel, hotel and meal costs incurred by Artist in attending the recording sessions referenced in Section B.

Company may recover such receipted expenses pursuant to the production of master recordings or the advancement of the Artist's career. Company's production, promotion, manufacturing and all other bonafide expenses relating to Artist are deemed recoupable from gross income. Company and Artist shall be jointly responsible for all decisions regarding the artistic content of the Recording.

Company shall provide and compensate sufficient and competent musicians to properly perform the Songs, as arranged and directed by Artist and Producer. Company may recover such costs pursuant to Section B3.

The title of the Recording shall be chosen by agreement between the Company and the Artist.

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Company and Artist acknowledge that time is of the essence in the completion of the Recording, and each agree to exercise all reasonable means to achieve such completion. Artist's performance of the Songs contained in the Recording, c. The title of the Recording. The form of documents to be executed by Artist, pursuant to Section C.

Upon Artist's assignment of the Songs pursuant to Section C. Each such copyright shall be the sole property of the Company. Commencing with the completion of the Recording and continuing for the term of this Agreement, Company will diligently use its best efforts to secure distribution of the Recording throughout the world, through one or more major distribution companies including record companies, film companies, or any other company.

Any such contract entered into between Company and any such record distribution company shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement. In accordance with the rights granted by Artist to Company herein, Company intends to contract with a record distribution company for distribution of the Recording.

Company will be entitled to receive royalties or licensing fees herein collectively referred to as the "Royalties" as a result of such contract. Royalties shall include any compensation received by Company, or promised to Company, which directly or indirectly results from the use, exploitation or existence of the Recording, or any reproduction applied to satisfy costs incurred and paid by Company pursuant to Sections B.

In the event that Royalties are insufficient to complete such reimbursement, Artist shall not be liable for such costs. The remainder of such Royalties, if any, shall be allocated and distributed between Company and Artist, in the following proportion: Within a reasonable time after the execution of this Agreement, Artist shall apply for registration and membership with Broadcast Music Inc.

BMIa music licensing organization.

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Company shall be responsible for any cost or expense associated with such application or with the Artist's membership in BMI during the term of this Agreement and the Distribution Period. Company may recover such costs pursuant to Section B. Artist shall not detrimentally interfere with the efforts of Company to distribute the Recording through one or more distribution companies or enter into any contract inconsistent with the rights of distribution assigned to Company hereunder.

Artist shall not contact any such potential distribution company except through the offices of the Company. For the term of this Agreement, Artist agrees to appear at one or more performances to promote the distribution of the Recording.

Company shall schedule and arrange such performances, but Artist shall have the right of prior approval of the location, date and time of each such performance. Such compensation shall be received by Artist within fifteen 15 days from Company's receipt thereof.

Company may recover such costs including travel costs and compensation paid to Artist pursuant to Section B3. Any receipted costs expended by Company hereunder, but reimbursed, as of the date of exercise of such option to purchase, plus; c.

Exercise of the option shall be accomplished by the delivery of such amount, in cash or certified funds, to Company or its express designee.About us.

The Songwriter Agency, Inc. is a diversified music company specializing in the ownership of entertainment product, talent buying & selling, and music festival promotion. was developed to help singers, bands, artists and songwriters market their demos to the music industry. We let you know who is accepting songs and demos! is updated as often as new information becomes available. Tax Smarter is a leading ce provider in taxation. We are approved by IRS and AICPA, NASBA. Austin Song, former IRS Agent, offers IRS AFSP for tax preparer and tax courses to Enrolled Agent and CPA.

Any notices or delivery required herein shall be deemed completed when hand-delivered, delivered by agent,or placed in the U.S.

songwriting agent

Mail, postage prepaid, to the parties at the addresses listed herein. THE PARTIES AGREE to the terms and obligations and so execute . Hendrix Music Agency also partners in showcasing and supporting the performing songwriter touring and making their career in Texas, through it’s partnership with BadlandsFM, the leading radio station in the Texas coastal bend, spinning Texas music 24/7.

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