Thesis for the open boat by stephen crane

Crane had been working as a war correspondent when he sailed for Cuba on the ship Commodore. He was stranded in a lifeboat with three other men for thirty hours. Three of the men made it to land, but as in the story, the fourth, an oiler, drowned while attempting to swim to shore.

Thesis for the open boat by stephen crane

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This story revolves around four men hoping to reach a destination and trying to survive while doing so. Many think this is an examination of the man's relationship with the universe and each other as well. The men act and behave according to the situation around them and it is these factors that further influence their relationship with one another.

Even though many argue that this book has its anti-romantic and realism characteristics, it is more inclined towards naturalism. There is more mention of nature and the interaction of man with it.

The Open Boat by Stephen Crane

Before we get into the detail of discussing which theme or analysis the novel fits the most, it is crucial to have a good understanding of what both of these terms actually mean. Realism is basically the clear cut rejection of very heroic, exaggerated and romantic views of life.

It totally goes against everyday descriptions and the characters are presented as normal people. Not only are the characters presented as normal people but also their issues are closer to what the average person would be facing.

When talking about problems, it should be mentioned that Naturalism also talks about the problems of everyday people.


However these people are usually far away from the norm. This could mean that these people are either very poor, immigrants, or usually banished from the social environment. Naturalism on the other had a much more scientific and romantic view of the human life.

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If looked upon it after Darwin's theory, then naturalism could be seen as the survival of the fittest. This theme can then be applied to the social problems to people like poor farmers, people with labor problems or just political issues across the world.

A naturalistic literature is usually conflicted internally; this could either mean problems with the social order or problems among the characters in the book.

Basically what it states is that environmental, heredity and social problems tend to shape a person in a way that he or she cannot escape from. It talks about the tough time and the problems at people are having. Where realism basically goes on to describe the persons and how their life really is, naturalistic writing talks more about the problems and the troubles one would go through to have them resolved.

When we talk about different authors and the works they did, William Howell and Frank Norris come into the picture. Both the authors had entirely contrasting ways of writing and in their pieces one can really differentiate between the two concepts.

Realism as written more by Howell goes on to talk about people and describing their lives. Even if the person and his or storey is not very interesting, it could be that the way author writes about it makes it seem very interesting.

According to Norris, realism is talking more about the normal life. It is naturalism that is full of drama and goes on to teach the reader some important lessons. If we look at this description of the people and their problems, it is obvious that in this story the people are far away from the actual society.

Thesis for the open boat by stephen crane

They are stranded and under a lot of pressure in this situation. The way that they are hoping to survive this tough situation is heroic and thus it goes against the main theme mentioned in Realism.

The persons face a lot of problems in the sea and thus confront nature as the main source of their problems.A dinghy like the one being towed by this skiff figures in Stephen Crane's gripping tale "The Open Boat." Credit: Image courtesy of American Memory at the Library of Congress.

Stephen Crane found himself floating in a dinghy for thirty hours after The Commodore, the steamship he was on, wrecked on its way to Cuba. Crane, Stephen, The Open Boat Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library About the electronic version The Open Boat Crane, Stephen, The Open Boat Stephen Crane 1st Edition Charles Scribner's Sons New York Scribner's Magazine 21 (May ): Literature Network┬╗ Stephen Crane┬╗ The Open Boat.

The Open Boat. A Tale intended to be after the fact. Being the experience of four men from the sunk steamer "Commodore" I. None of them knew the color of the sky.

Their eyes glanced level, and were fastened upon the waves that swept toward them. These waves were of. literary analysis of The Open Boat by Stephen Crane.

After receiving feedback from my instructor, I began Revising my essay. I focused more on actual analysis, narrowed down my thesis statement, and explored Crane's characterization of the crew of .

Thesis for the open boat by stephen crane

by: Stephen Crane "The Open Boat" is a short story by Stephen Crane that was first published in Get a copy of "The Open Boat" at Crane's "Open Boat" has defied categorization.

For instance, some critics feel it is a Naturalistic story in the point of view that an unsympathetic nature allows the men to be at the whim of the.

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