Writing and publishing wikispaces for teachers

Visit Google Translate Google Translate free Google's powerful translation tools are made easily accessible on the iPhone and iPad through this app. Students can type or speak the words or phrases, listen to the translation, and keep a list of their favorite words. See the rules that they set up to guide their blogging practices.

Writing and publishing wikispaces for teachers

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Dvolver Movies It has been many, many months since I have last posted, but I decided that I really wanted to post at least one thing over break. I decided to focus on dvolver. This site allows anyone to create a three scene movie with up to two characters in each scene.

Students can choose the setting, the background, the characters and their dialogthe music, their title, and the title theme. It is a great way to allow students to begin working with these concepts in a more sophisticated way.

They were able to select their topics based upon those three criteria. You could have students create a video on virtually anything.

Some ideas would include: I therefore created a graphic organizer where they selected their scene, background, character, and music selections ahead of time. I also have a place for them to write out their dialog. I found that if I just had them try to create it on the fly, they really struggled with not only finishing it within the class period, but also creating a quality product.

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Just a small warning before you have your students create their own movies — preview the entire process first. There are several scenes and characters that would not be appropriate for students to use. I do not include those options in the graphic organizer that I created.

When I am previewing the site with them, I show them all of the characters and scenes, but quickly point out those that are not O. I have had no problems with them using inappropriate characters or scenes.

The great thing about dvlover is that you can embed the movies. I have my students embed theirs on their personal page on the class wiki. Since I teach in a K-8 school, I can have my students create movies that can be used to instruct younger students or to extend their knowledge.

I try hard to have a purpose beyond just completing the assignment for them to consider. Below is a Jing screencast that I created to explain how to create a dvolver.Slide 8 Outline Send to Microsoft Office PowerPoint choose a design template & add graphics Commands to PowerPoint – Writing Before Publishing Create an outline in Word and transfer it to a.

include writing a diary entry about an experience in the story, writing a timeline about the events in a story, writing the next chapter or new ending to the story or drawing a picture of the setting. A wiki that offers a vast variety of web tools for students and teachers, including mapping, quiz and poll, graphing, video, music, and writing. Easy to use and provides descriptions of each tool. May 02,  · Wednesday, May 2, IRA Presentation - Creative Ways To Publish Student Writing.

Discipline: English/Language Arts Course/Grade: Writing/4th Grade Date Written: Unit Length: 36 weeks on-going lessons Ideas: August/September. Publishing Voki on Wikispaces. Texas Instruments Hooked On Science with Jason Lindsey eMathInstruction with Kirk Weiler Association for Public Art The Singing History Teachers .

A wiki that offers a vast variety of web tools for students and teachers, including mapping, quiz and poll, graphing, video, music, and writing.

Easy to use and provides descriptions of each tool.

Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis / WikiHosting

This paper investigates the impact of Internet Self-Efficacy on the process writing performance of EFL learners in two online environment—wiki and email. Forty male and female sophomores and juniors who were sitting a course on process writing participated in this study.

The participants were randomly assigned to the wiki and email modules. teachers, and others.

writing and publishing wikispaces for teachers

Rarely do students pick up pen and paper to write. The act of “writing” is now being replaced with the acts of “designing” and “publishing” created work within classrooms and across cyberspace.

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